Media Opportunities IPTV was founded in April 2007 after Moses Primo recognized the lack of options felt by those who cannot install satellite dishes of any size on their property. Hundreds of thousands of people live in apartment complexes, condominiums, nursing homes, and many more wish to receive Christian television programming in office buildings, hospitals, or institutions. Millions of people did not have the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ because they couldn't install a satellite dish.


Meet the MOIPTV Team

Although he had 20 years of experience working for 3ABN developing a network of satellites to reach the entire world, Moses puzzled over this problem. He expressed his concern to God, and after extensive research, God introduced him to an innovative technology called IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) that was just increasing popularity in the market. Since there were no standards for that technology, it was difficult to select a reliable Set Top Box, get encoders to work with a low bit rate, and still get a high quality picture to a TV set.

To make matters worse, Moses didn't have any funding to deploy this project, but he stepped out in faith, trusting God's promises to bless the spreading of the gospel. Suddenly things began falling in place, and Moses saw that where God guides, He provides. Media Opportunities is a miracle from God—a tool to reaching souls in previously unreached areas.

Although we wish we could make this service available free of charge, we must recoup the cost of the Internet bandwidth we use to stream programs to viewers all over the world. That is the reason for the subscription model we use. However, by God's grace, we are committed to follow His leading and to be used by Him to continue reaching souls for His Kingdom.

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