Moses Primo began his television career working for Globo Television Network in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Arriving in the United States, he earned a Masters in Television Management degree and worked at several Boston television stations, including the NBC and Fox owned and operated TV station. In 1992, he joined 3ABN's ministry to help in its worldwide development. After searching for new ways to reach city dwellers that cannot install satellite dishes, Moses created MOIPTV (Media Opportunities IPTV), providing new avenues for television ministries to spread the gospel in areas that cannot use satellite dishes, or receive cable. After five years of service, MOIPTV is still the only company to offer a package of Seventh-day Adventist television and radio channels, using Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology to bring God's blessings into living rooms anywhere in the world. Moses says his greatest blessing is the wife and four children God has given him. He's amazed by the Lord's miracles every day of his life, and says, "It's an honor to work for such a loving God."
Adima Primo has made it her top priority to rear the children God has entrusted her with. However, since her youngest is four years old now, she's begun helping with MOIPTV this year. Her background in accounting has qualified her for her responsibility as our treasurer, and her organizational skills in maintaining the database, accounts payable, and accounts receivable have maintained MOIPTV’s high standards. She works very hard to manage both family and business, trusting in the Lord for both guidance and strength. Adima is originally from Bahia, Brazil, and she loves spending time on the beach.
Daniel Primo is a smart young man who spends part of his day on the phone, assisting new and existing subscribers with technical questions, troubleshooting equipment, and guiding subscribers on how to connect their set top box to the internet and their TV set. It’s a difficult job that requires patience, but he enjoys helping people, both technically, and especially when they ask for prayer for personal problems they're going through. “It’s a blessing to hear a 92-year-old lady in a nursing home shout for joy when she suddenly begins receiving our Christian channels,” he says. “God is good!”

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